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The Going Somewhere Travel Planner (hereafter "The Planner") is a research tool only and neither is nor purports to be a travel agency.

Although correct at the time of publication, prices are listed on The Planner as a guide only. These prices may be subject to change without notice and may include additional fees, taxes and/or levies.

The accuracy of information on The Planner cannot be guaranteed and instead is presented on an as-is basis. Going Somewhere offers no warranty that products match any description on The Planner and is not liable for any loss incurred from having relied on The Planner. Going Somewhere do not take responsibility for the sites of other organisations, whether linked or not, or any device used to access or view this website.

Presentation of a product on The Planner does not warrant its availability.

Where applicable, images are reproduced with copyright noted.

Best efforts are made to relay information between users of The Planner and registered agents however Going Somewhere accepts no responsibility for any delay or non-delivery. Any prices, quotes or offers of goods or services made by a registered agent are the actions solely of said agent and at no time confers upon Going Somewhere any duty or liability.

Invitations sent by a user via The Planner to registered agents represent an offer to quote only. The choice to respond to said offer is entirely at the discretion of the registered agent without the involvement in any way of Going Somewhere.

Privacy Policy
Except when deliberately provided, Going Somewhere does not collect identifying or personal information about any individual.

At certain times, Going Somewhere does store browser-level information such as IP address and referrer URL. This information is used anonymously to analyse patterns of use on the site in order to improve our offering to users.

Going Somewhere does not and will not share any personal, identifying information with any advertisers or registered agents. Please be aware however that third-party sites linked from this site may collect personally identifiable information and the information practices of these parties are not covered by this privacy statement.

Where the terms of commercial arrangement with a partner requires that your information be shared, Going Somewhere makes this explicitly known prior and grants you the opportunity to not participate.

Refund Policy
To lodge a request for refund, please email accounts@goingsomewhere.com and state your company name, the relevant invoice and the amount sought.

Requests must be made within 7 days of the amount having been paid.

A refund may not be granted merely for a mistaken selection or a change of mind.

A refund may be granted for the unnused portion of the nominated periodic access charge. Any usage charges incurred during this period may still be payable. Going Somewhere, at its sole discretion, may grant a full refund of the nominated periodic access charge.

If granted, the refund will be processed only against the same credit card used in the nominated transaction.

Going Somewhere reserves the right to reject a request for refund or suspend or terminate a partner account if, at our sole discretion, we believe that a refund is being claimed on unreasonable grounds.

This refund policy is in addition to your rights under Australian Consumer Law.

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